‘The Leftovers’ Season 2, Episode 4…We’ve Been Rickrolled

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(SPOILER WARNING) Remember how slow the first season of The Leftovers felt? Remember how you kept having to re-watch episodes because you either fell asleep or didn’t understand it? Well as of episode 4, I’m happy to report that those days are well behind us… (ok maybe we’re still confused) This episode started with yet another alternate view of the earthquake. I gotta say, Norah’s reaction was pretty damn priceless (and that crazy rotating camera shot was damn awesome), because you can’t blame her for thinking there was…


1. A Second Departure…


Those students from MIT said it could happen again, and if we’re to believe Patti, it did. The three missing girls could very well be proof of a small scale departure. This is an awesome development because it basically craps all over Miracle’s street cred while potentially demonstrating that groups of people (large and small) can go missing at any time. Assuming we take Patti’s word for it (because lets be honest, this could all be Kevin’s imagination), this presents the following questions and conclusions…

1. Kevin’s dad has probably been completely sane this whole time

2. How does Patti know the girls departed?

3. If Kevin had died in the lake, would Patti have gone away or floated to another person?

4. Was the lake made to disappear to save Kevin?

5. If Patti knows the girls departed, then does this mean she knows where they went?

6. If Patti knows where they went, then does she know where everyone else went?

This new event spells bad news for Miracle…and potentially worse news for the riotous people gathered outside. That said…


2. How Could New Potential Departures Affect Laurie and Tom’s Side…?


Keep in mind the whole belief and purpose of the Guilty Remnant is to forever remind people of the departure. This could be bad new’s for team Holy Wayne, and good news for GR. If small departures start to happen in a more widespread fashion…there could very well be a bump in the GR’s numbers. Seeing as how that group is getting more mafia like by the day…that’s not a good thing.

This game changing departure situation brings up a fascinating new possibility…


3. Could Future Departures Take A Main Character Off The Show?

Kevin? Norah? Laurie? Tom? Basically anyone could go at any time right? I think this episode reinforced the notion that nowhere is truly safe. No only in the sense that some places are infested with cult members and fanatics… but also that no place may really decrease your chances of getting departed…

           What did you think of episode 4? Did any of these questions cross your mind? Is Patti for real?

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